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"Going to the gym has never really inspired me, as getting on gym equipment bored me and just never felt confident seeing as i was quite overweight. Since i have been training 1 on 1 with Mark to motivate me i have dropped allot of weight and my muscle definition and stamina has gone from strength to strength. i feel allot more confident and its good fun training i actually look forward to go training something i thought i never would look forward to. would recommend mark to everyone. as he combines hard work with fun and by the end of each session you can feel the burn."


Josh Smith


"Mark is a GREAT personal trainer. He pushes me to my limits and considers ‘I can’t’ to be swearing! The training is very varied and he makes me laugh so the time passes really quickly even if it is hard work! I usually arrive feeling a bit grumpy and tired, but leave the session feeling rejuvenated and smiling".

Kim Blackman


"Since I've been training with Mark my self-confidence, stamina, strength and body shape have improved more than I could have ever imagined. The thing I really like about the sessions with Mark is that he always gives you very useful and constructive feedback on techniques (also gained from his personal experience as a kickboxer) so that each time I feel like I improve and develop myself and can really see the transformation from unfit person to lean, mean fighting machine! I always look forward to training with Mark as he always manages to combine fantastic sessions with pain & suffering, lots of fun and lots of laughing.I'd highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to improve their body and self-esteem, learn how to kickbox or just get fitter."

Dan Howard


"I first started training with Mark to improve my card fitness for boxing and after achieving great results with his bespoke one-on-one training sessions I decided to give one of his kick-boxing classes a try and was pleasantly surprised by how well both forms of training complimented each other! I achieved fantastic gains in balance / co-ordination, flexibility,core stability, muscle tone, all over body strength and perhaps a goal which we can all relate to - fat loss

Apart from having a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon, he breaks down every exercise for you, ensuring that you use correct form and informing you exactly what each exercise is being used for and how it will aid your training goals and targets Also, there is always a bountiful supply of friendly motivational banter to get you in calorie burning mode."

Tony Guar


 "I've been learning martial arts for 25 years but didn't realise how little I knew until I started training with Mark. He's a first class instructor blessed with talent, knowledge and humour, and his training sessions are a pleasure to attend. Modern training methods and enthusiastic encouragement make getting fit easier and have helped me become fitter and stronger at 39 than I've ever been."

Paul Casey


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